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Pineberry - Passion Fruit - Prickly Pear

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Natural Extracts
Valuable Vitamins
Zero Sugar
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Look up! Ascend to a cloud of your choice with this delicate blend of pineberry, passion fruit and cactus fruit. Free yourself from gravity and float towards freedom.

Drink More Water, fly high.

Detach from everything and float upwards with this de-flight-ful infusion of pineberry, passion fruit, and cactus fruit. Elevated by wondrous bliss, embrace freedom in its sweetest form.

Vitamin C | Vitamin B1 | Niacin


The unique pineberry is one of the oldest varieties of the common strawberry, attracting many admirers with its small shape. First discovered in Europe in the 19th century, the white to slightly pink fruit owes its name to its sweet, fresh taste, reminiscent of pineapple.


Originally from South America, the passion fruit is beloved around the world for its freshness and intense flavour alike. Rich in fibre and valuable vitamins, the fruit is beneficial to the immune system and the skin, among other things.