Toddler Bottle Steel

Stainless steel bottle I For children aged 2 years and above

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Behold our wildest (and cutest) collection yet: These stainless steel water bottles were specifically designed with toddlers in mind. Featuring the perfect size and a specially designed spout for your little one, there's more than just the adorable animal designs to love. Whether you're at the park, making crafts at home or simply out and about, this bottle is the perfect hydration buddy.

1x Toddler Water Bottle (400ml)

→ Made from single-walled stainless steel
→ Perfectly shaped spout for toddlers from 18 months
→ Attached rubber cap for safe drinking
→ Innovative leak-proof valve for any whoopsie-daisies
→ BPA free
→ TÜV Certified (Tested for safety and meets the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act)
→ Odour-free and taste-neutral
→ Durable, sustainable and easy to clean
→ Suitable for the dishwasher (Design may suffer due to aggressive cleaning agents)
→ Please refer to the enclosed leaflet for Health and Safety Instructions
→ Not compatible with LUCY® Smart Cap

A Closer Look

1. Spout lid

Designed specifically for children from 18 months, this spout ensures that your little one has a safe drinking experience.

2. Leak-proof valve

Accidents happen, this innovative leak-proof valve will make sure none of it ends up on your carpet. 

3. Rubber cap

Whether the bottle is in a bag, on the floor, or in your toddler’s hand, this cap provides protection from dust and dirt.

4. Stainless Steel Bottle

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this bottle is odor-free and taste-neutral. It’s also easy to clean and comes in the ideal size for your toddler.