ICE TEA: Behind The Scenes

ICE TEA: Behind The Scenes

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At long last, it’s here – the new ICE TEA collection! Now that it’s launched (and to a resounding success, we might add!), we finally had a chance to sit down with Josephine from our beloved Social Media team to spill the tea about all things behind the scenes.

The pictures look beautiful! What was the inspiration behind this theme?

J: It was a combination of a few things. Firstly, as ICE TEA is a summer drink, we wanted to communicate a relaxed mood and chill summer vibes through bright colours and beautiful mediterranean scenery.

On the other hand, we also wanted to show how fun moments can be frozen in time with a drink that takes you on a trip down memory lane whenever you sip and look back on it. This meant lots of action shots of people having fun in the sun, where we tried to capture the happiness and joy within the frame. Looking back on it, I think the shoot more than exceeded our expectations – everything looked good in a chic, effortless sort of way.

Was there something that took you by surprise?

J: Definitely, yes! I’ve been to shoots before but the amount of effort/time that went into this waterdrop® shoot still blew me away. The team made it look so easy but you can only understand the blood, sweat and tears that went in if you were there. The amount of times we had to reshoot something because it just wasn’t perfect, and the amount of detail that went in…

I remember this one scene around the dinner table where we were so hungry but it took forever to nail because the herbs on the pasta just didn’t look right. Needless to say, the pasta was gone in a matter of minutes after that!

What were your roles and responsibilities this time?

J: Everyone played a different role. Marie was in charge of all things organisation and model-related, so she would brief the models about meeting times, arrange their pick-ups and drop them back to the hotel. Teresa and I were set assistants so it was a lot of preparation and miscellaneous tasks e.g. organising the clothes, washing our bottles to make sure they sparkled in the sun, making sure there were no smudged fingerprints anywhere. We were also on our feet the whole day, bringing products to and from every couple of minutes to make the workflow as smooth as possible.

When it was extra sunny, we also had to make sure people were staying on top of their sunscreen, and cut up extra fruit to garnish our drinks with. On the day of the shoot, we were tasked to make lunch for everyone  – I’ve never chopped so many vegetables in my life!

Was there something extra memorable about the shoot you can share with us? 

J: I think it was really nice that we had the finca (where we shot) to ourselves for 3 days because it almost felt like home. Everyone was just hanging out like family, and they had a beach close by – although we didn’t have any time for it at all. This wouldn’t have been possible at a hotel, for sure!

The owners of the finca also had lots of animals e.g. donkeys, dogs and sheep that lived on the grounds, which really lifted our mood when we were tired. The donkeys especially, loved to poke their heads into the house and ‘join’ us for lunch. At one point, we even joked that they were our emotional support animals!

Were there any challenges you faced?

J: There were many challenges for the crew, but I think it helped that we all knew our roles and played our individual parts well so it all worked out. We also lucked out with great weather and it was a nice change of scenery, being away from the office for a few days.