Dehydration: An Epidemic

Dehydration: An Epidemic

It may not sound like a big deal, but dehydration is an overlooked problem that affects countless people every day.

75% of adults are chronically dehydrated in the US alone.

Signs of dehydration include fatigue, headaches, dry skin, and more all of which can be avoided by doing one thing: drinking water.

It’s common knowledge that we all must consume a certain amount of water each day in order for our bodies to operate properly. The exact amount, however, depends on factors such as your height, weight, level of physical activity, consumption of alcoholic drinks, and more.

Water may not contain the flavor you want or the sugar and caffeine found in the energy drinks you’re used to, but it does ensure that your body is functioning as it should. We are made of up to 75% water, so it stands to reason that we should consume a good amount of it every day.

Water gets drawn from our systems in a myriad of ways for many reasons, some of which you can probably relate with:

Physical activity

When being physically active, our bodies heat up and encourage sweat in order to cool down. Simply put, exercising or playing sports can leave you dehydrated. This is why it is of utmost importance to drink plenty of water while being active and afterward.

Warm climates

The sun should never be underestimated as a source of dehydration. Just as with physical activity, heat caused by the sun in the summer months and in warm climates also encourages sweat. Always keep water on hand when spending time outdoors and in the sun.


With fatigue being one of the most common side-effects of dehydration, water is often replaced by coffee or sugary energy drinks in order to get a boost. Though entirely understandable, this perceived solution is actually doing more harm than good. Beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages are what are known as diuretics: drinks that draw water out of the body. Causing frequent urination, diuretics do the opposite of what drinking water does. For this reason, these drinks should be consumed at a minimum or should at least be followed by a glass of water.

Pro-tip: For every alcoholic drink you consume, drink a glass of water. This will greatly decrease your chance of feeling hungover the next day.

So, how can combat this epidemic of dehydration and make staying hydrated easier?

One avenue which many people overlook as a source of hydration is food. A balanced diet is a great way to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. There are many fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of water and will contribute to your hydration levels. Here are a few and the percentage of water they contain:

  • Cantaloupe: 90%
  • Celery: 95%
  • Cucumber: 96%
  • Grapefruit: 91%
  • Lettuce: 96%
  • Orange: 87%
  • Radish: 95%
  • Red Tomatoes: 94%
  • Watermelon: 92%
  • Zucchini: 95%

There is also the obvious and simple solution of just drinking water.

Now, this can actually be more difficult than it seems. Our bodies often crave flavor that pure water can’t provide. We have become accustomed to flavor-filled sugary drinks that delight our taste buds but dehydrate our systems. This is where waterdrop® Microdrinks and Microtea come into play.

Made from the highest-quality ingredients, Microdrinks and Microtea contain all the flavor you want, without any of the sugar or unnecessary ingredients that other beverages contain. They also do not have any added sugar or artificial preservatives.

All you need is one cube and some water in order to enjoy a tasty drink, and their tiny size makes them perfect for when you’re on the go.

That brings us to the next point: finding water. You may be out and about and quickly realize that ready-to-drink water is not easily accessible. It’s good to question the quality of water you have access to. This is why carrying water with you is a great way to solve this problem. Fill your reusable bottle up with water from a source that you trust, and take it with you everywhere you go. This way, you always have water on hand and you know that it is clean.

Luckily, we have a large collection of sturdy and stylish reusable bottles that will ensure your water is well taken care of.

    Your body is precious and deserves to be well-taken care of and an easy way to do that is by drinking enough water, and we’re here to help.

    Water is the source of life on Earth, so let’s enjoy it.